PT. Dimembe Nyiur Agripro is desiccated coconut manufacturer which located at North Minahasa approximately 1.5km from Samratulangi Airport and 35 km from the International Bitung Harbor. PT. DNA established since July 2006 and committed to maintain and put a lot of attention on product quality.


Over the times, we are keep increasing the production capacity as responding the market demand as well maintaining the quality.


Our product has been export to Europe, South America, Africa and some Asia countries. We employed approximately 200 employees who are mostly from local people. Furthermore, we are contributing to the society by helping planting more trees, donation to church and local community.


In addition, we help education industry by providing internship program for the student. Nevertheless, we still seek for improvement as we believe we are still far from perfection.




One Out of Eleven Companies that Received Productivity Pramakarya Award for Medium Enterprise Category in the state palace for the year 2015

Salah Satu Perusahaan dari 11 Perusahaan yang Menerima Penghargaan Produktivitas Pramakarya untuk Kategori Perusahaan Kelas Menenga di Istana Negara Tahun 2015


First Runner Up, Quality Control Convention, North Sulawesi for the year 2013

Juara II, Konvensi Gugus Kendali Mutu (GKM) Tingkat Provinsi Tahun 2013.


The best company for coaching female labor, North Sulawesi for the year 2012

Perusahaan Pembina Terbaik Tenaga Kerja Perempuan Tingkat Provinsi Tahun 2012.


Abiding tax payers in Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Pratama (KPP-PRATAMA) Bitung for the year 2012

Wajib Pajak Patuh pada Kantor Pelayanan Pajak Pratama (PTKP) Bitung Tahun Pajak 2012.



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Jl. Raya Manado-Dimembe, Desa Tetey, Jaga 1

Kecamatan Dimembe, Minahasa Utara 95373

Sulawesi Utara-Indonesia

Tel       : +62 (0431) 892919, 891781

Fax      : +62 (0431) 893373

E-mail : info@dimembenyiuragripro.com